How To Make Better Cooking Performance

No matter whom you are, a careful woman or a talented chief, you always want to make delicious meals for your family. After a hard working day, dinner time will be the moment that your family all reunion to talk about daily stories, share happiness and sorrow and enjoy the dinner together. If you are not a master chief, you can take advantage of a cookbook, which can provide you a variety of recipes.

However, with the diversity of books about teaching cook, which one is most suitable for you? In advance, you need to determine the appetite of all the members in your family so that you can choose the best type of food to cook. In this paper, we would like to introduce you some of the famous cookbooks recently published in the Live Jasmin market. All of the recipes in these books can satisfy the taste of people from the traditional dishes to the modern ones.

Choosing A Good Cookbook

For the people who are enthusiastic of baking art, the book opens up an art world of making the beautiful and delicious dumplings. Perhaps only when reading cookbooks on how to make dumplings, you can see the diversity of ways to make dumplings from rolling, steaming, frying, grilling, each part is simple introduced by the author so that every can understand and make their own delicious cakes by themselves. This is one of the most well known cookbooks which have received the award from Ten Speed Press publishers and have ranked in the top of 100 best cookbooks in the world in the 3th decades of 21th century by Cooking Light magazine.

Family Feast

Like the title of the book, the book offers menus for happy meals at home. It s like a useful cooking handbook for housewives with adequate nutritious food which is good for health of each member. The given food in the Family Feast are collected in accordance with the requirements housewives of the dishes with harmonious flavors, suitable for all ages and provides a cozy atmosphere for the whole family in every meal.

Making Cakes

This works like a scientific research on new types of bread, strange cakes. All of these cakes seem to have undergone a study, test experience accumulated during the 8 years and are much invested in image from flavor, color to decoration. The book includes 60 recipes and is nicely described understandable and has eye-catching illustrations so despite complex recipes, you can have the best performance.

Cooking With Love

With 40 dishes originating from the closeness and affection of the author of the cookbook, this cookbook underlines the thought of bringing love to everyone. Each dish is the combination between the new and the old, between before and after, between the taste of West and East; therefore, you can enjoy the most typical foods according to season and may be attracted by the diversity in tastes, colors and flavors of each type of food. The food was carefully introduced in the book from selecting raw materials to how anyone can do to prepare the best food which is both appealing and beneficial for health.

So we have a general understanding the information about some of the best selling cookbooks in the world. These books not only have useful roles to housewives in cooking performance but also provide us with many of Information about health care for ourselves and our families. Hopefully, with these useful information, you can find for yourself a cookery book or matching passion and personal preferences.

Some Tips For Cooking

Fully Preparing Spice Will Help You Cook Better

Fully preparation for materials for cooking will help you to make delicious food without any lack of flavor. Besides the basic ground spices which are essential as above, to apply the delicious cooking tips you need to fully prepare the necessary materials for the preparation of a particular dish. For example, to cook sweet and sour pork chops, besides spices, you need to prepare more chops, fresh lemon, pineapple (pineapple), apple vinegar and served with foods like cucumber or tomato, lettuce. With this full preparation, you can serve your family a truly delicious and attractive dish.

Food Should Be Available In Your Kitchen

In your kitchen, you should reserve some certain type of foods, so that you will be more active and convenient in cooking.

Shallots, Garlic Should Always Be Available In The Kitchen

Shallots and garlic are both popular spices are presented mostly in processing food to make it more delicious and attractive. Besides, these foods also have a role in enhancing the health resistance and the body s immune system. Eating fresh garlic each day with warm water will help strengthen the immune system. Eating hot onion soup is the best medicine to treat colds; warm steam with dry onion will help you to have relaxed mind. And, there are many other uses of garlic, too. Therefore, you should always ready reserve shallots, garlic in the kitchen for daily use.


The food not only helps you to be more flexibility in the processing of daily dishes such as salad, mix, but also is used for decoration, served with cucumber dishes that are very good for health and Jasminlive beauty. Cucumber contains a lot of water and vitamins, natural minerals, therefore eating cucumber every day will help you maintain skin beauty, anti-aging, heat, detoxify the body, sore throat , edema, jaundice, you could also use cucumbers for beautifying facial skin. Therefore the available storage of these foods in the kitchen would be useful for you and your whole family.

Coconut Oil Should Always Be Available In The Kitchen

You should stock up this useful food in your kitchen because this is one of the oils that are suitable for baking and frying and you can use it instead of vegetable oil or butter in baking or making better dessert. Coconut oil is rich in healthy fats and is a source of abundant energy to the body. Moreover coconut oil also effective for beautiful skin, silky hair, and extremely effective weight loss.

Wheat Should Be Available In The Kitchen

In the list of foods that should be available in your kitchen, you can not mention the wheat, with the powder you can use to make bread for breakfast, made into porridge or even flour which is combined with some other ingredients to cater to the beauty of the skin. But with wheat, you should store available in the kitchen from 0,5-1kg.

Yogurt Should Be Available For Use In The Kitchen Every Day

It is a healthy food which is good for the digestive system and enhances the body s immune efficiency, so you should select for yourself a yogurt brand and store in the fridge for the member of the family. You can use yogurt for snack or eat together with some other food for breakfast like cereal, smoothies, and desserts. To detach a little yogurt before eating and to use it to cover the main surface is the most effective methods; most convenient to help you get healthy skin from the inside, beautiful appearance from outside.

Reserve In The Kitchen Some Frozen Berries

Frozen fruits like raspberries, blueberries contain a lot of antioxidants, vitamin C and beta-carotene which is extremely good for your health. Besides, these foods retain the high nutritional content. You can add frozen fruit to in vitamins, breakfast cereal, yogurt, cold milk, baking dishes which are very consistent, delicious, nutritious and extremely comfortable .

Herbs And Spices Should Be Available In The Kitchen

They will make the dish more delicious, more attractive, more colorful, more nutrition and promote health enhancing effect better. Turmeric, saffron, ginger, paprika, anise, rosemary, mint, pepper are the spices, herbs should be available in your kitchen.

Canned Tomato Sauce

You should stock up in the kitchen a few bottles of ketchup for convenience and to save time in the processing of foods such as bread mix, fish sauce, braised fish, braised pork, egg sauce. They not only make dishes more delicious, more nutritious, and more attractive but have also effective health care, effective prevention of illness, too.

For health care, the beauty of yourself and family to be more convenient, more efficient and especially to save time, you should reserve at least 8 kinds of these foods in your kitchen. However, depending on preference and how daily processing of each type of food, you stock up on the kitchen more or less. Hope that these information above will be useful for you.

Tips For Making Fried Dishes

Among the several cooking method you may apply to the available materials in you fridge, you can enjoy the task of creating a fried dish with your frying skills. You can make a numerous number of fried dishes with the limited number of ingredients. You may think that making stir fried food as a simple chaturbate task. However, if you pay attention to some of the following tips, you may better enjoy the final products that you create with the same ingredients as before. This writing aims to provide you a comprehensive guide to cooking fried dishes.


The crucial part of frying food lies in the sort of dish that you want to bring the dining table for your family to enjoy together. The process to create a fried dish can take a short period of time only. The speed is quite fast when you add the food to the pan one by one.

Get all the ingredients pre-prepared and ready to be put into the pan then your frying process can be smooth and continual. There is no interval when you turn on the gas and keeping frying types of food one by one. It would be awkward when you finished frying the garlic and then come back the cutting board to slice the beef.

you prepare all the ingredients at the same time, you can use the cutting board thoroughly and clean it once when you finish preparing. You may get the material chopped, cut or sliced, depending on the type of materials and the dish that you are going to create. You need to make sure that the pieces of ingredients after your pre-preparation must be of the same size if they are made together into one dish.

This is to ensure that all of them can be done in the same amount of time. No sort of ingredients should get finished earlier than others. The size of pieces should be also adequate for you biting or it will cause you an awkward experience when you enjoy the dish later.


What you need is a high quality pan and a wok as cookware. It is not to mention the ingredient and cooking oil which cannot be excluded in your list of cooking items. The pan you use should always be heated in advance before you add the cooking oil into it. Then the oil needs heating for a while also.

The ingredients will be added later when you think the oil is heated enough to produce heat for the ingredients of the dish. High temperature must be provided when you make fried food so that the food is well-done and you get the perfect taste. The core feature of frying is getting food finished thanks to high level of heat resulted by oil and temperature.

Remember one rule that you should add the thickest and darkest pieces into the pan and the pieces of smaller thickness and lighter color can be put in last. This is for the smallest time of processing of food and failure is avoided. The simple tips for making fried food are never out of date for cooks. Whether you are cooking for a big family or just for you, following tips is always a good thing and you will not be disappointed with the quality of the dishes you created.

Ingredients and steps for dealing with the material will help you create the desired results. Some parts of the above information maybe old or new to you. Hope you share with others. Hope you enjoy fried food with your family.

Baby Food Cooking At Home

Do you think it is fine to go to the local department store and get the processed food and other nutrition products which can be home made instead? Have you find yourself fond of getting particular sorts of food for different members of your family members? You may always consider carefully before selecting food your baby.


What should you to do to no longer pay for the processed food for your baby bought at the stores which charge you the costs of advertisement and packaging instead of the quality provided? You may not realize that you have been long time surcharged with exaggerated prices. You do not pay for the food you will take in but the promotion tools that help it reach your shopping bag.

You need a solution for your shopping list? How to cut down on the bill of processed food and increase the quality of food provided for you little one? The easy way for you is making the food by yourself. You may feel regretful that you did not start this habit earlier. Healthy food for your baby is your production and you will be satisfied with your choice and enjoy the happiness of raising your child successfully.

Many parents are worried about baby care. If you spend time and effort trying the better tips for these special tasks, you are not among those miserable parents. You take confidence to bring a healthy life for your child and assure full-scale development.

Whenever you prepare meals for adult, remember that some of the material can be used to cook for your baby also. Therefore, when you cook meal, take out some food which has not been seasoned yet. You can put aside those unseasoned food as ingredients for your baby meal.

The food you choose can be a few pieces of carrots of potato for vegetables and some slice of chicken if your baby is capable of digesting meat. The selection of food to put aside should be based on the consideration of development phases of your kids. You must know exactly what phase your kid is in and what sort of food he or she can digest.

Easy Steps

For example, if your kid has not been capable of taking in solid food, liquid food must be made rather than solid one. The use of a food grinder may be helpful for you. You can create your desired mixture with the assistance of a home grinder. Just put in whatever food which you think will be tasteful for your kid and let the grinder do its designed tasks.

You will be surprised how fast the process can be finished by the grinder. You can spend time doing other cooking task while waiting for the baby food processed by the grinder. You enjoy the convenience of the helpful appliance and also the pleasure of feeding your kid with homemade food.

After getting the mixture, you should divide it to different portions so that you can prepare several meals for your kid instead of just one meal. Storing the food in the freezer cannot damage the food. The quality stays the same. It is worth noticing that when your baby grows to another phase, your method should be changed. You may add difference in the selection of cooking recipe.

The combinations of different materials can be more varied. Then your child will get fed with more suitable food for their new period in life. The more mature babies get, the more sorts of food they can take in. However, you should still be careful when introducing a new kind of food. Especially, pay attention to the kind of food which can cause allergy to your baby.

Your baby would enjoy the food prepared by you at home rather than quickly ordered at the food stall. You have time and skill for preparing the qualified meal for the baby. The availability of kitchen appliances provides you assistance in this pleasant task. Parents are always responsible for the quality of meal brought their kids. You should take confidence in raising your child with you research into this theme and carry out a variety of dish for the little throughout his or her development.

Tips For Cooking Eggs

Egg is a favorite food to many of us. We use egg as a material for meals more often than any other ingredients in preparing meals. You can have supplies of egg everywhere. No matter where you live, it is easy to find some egg in the local department store or in the market. Even when you are non-experienced in doing cooking tasks, you are still capable of making an egg recipe a success. The basic method of cooking eggs can be boiling, scramblin. The detail of boiling eggs can be presented as follow.

Soft Boiled Egg

Easy meal can be made up with few-minute preparation. The consumption of eggs which are boiled hard or soft can bring enough nutrition for your body. You can have pleasure of enjoying a comfort sort of food when having a boiled egg for the meal. Boiling egg may sound you simple to you that you need water, egg and a pot for cooking. It can be more detailed than that.

To get a soft boiled egg, you need to remove the egg out the fridge first and make it adapt to the room temperature by putting it stable for a while. The next step is to heat some water contained in pan. Before boiling the egg, remember to use a helpful tool to get the egg into the pan. Try to avoid the hot water reaching your skin. You can take a small spoon to get the egg into the pan without hurting yourself. One-minute boiling can produce enough effect on the egg and you can turn off the gas. Covering the pan with a lid then leaving it for 6 minutes help you get the desired egg. It is worth noticing that your unique preference for enjoying the egg can be gained when you adjust the time for boiling eggs.

Hard Boiled Egg

To get a hard boiled egg, the steps can be slightly different at some points. You get different result when you make adjustment to some elements. Just boil the egg gently in the pan then you should quickly take the egg out of the pan and drip it into the cold water for a while. Get a bowl filled with cold water ready before boiling the egg so that you will not be clumsy or hurried to find cold water to treat the egg when you have to remove it from the pan quickly. The egg must be boiled for around 7 minutes before it is taken out to make sure it get the extent it should be.

A hard boiled egg can be part of your sandwich for the breakfast or any other meal of the day when you do not have much time for cooking but still want to get a qualified meal. Your meal is determined by your effort even when you are having the most basic food. The picnic is also a chance you may like to bring some egg with you. The limited supplies at the picnic side can be enough for the hard egg cooking and you can still enjoy the food with others. No one can prevent you from getting the qualified food in limited time and conditions.

If you are trying to gain experience in cooking, trying the following tips is a worth of your effort and time. You will love cooking by enjoying the basic task of it. To be proficient in more complex cooking methods in the future, mastering the basic method is necessary for you. You can produce the healthy food by apply the basic method with the popular ingredient, namely egg.