The Distinctive Know How To Use The Air Fryer Effectively

It is sure that eating or enjoying the food which is deeply fried on the oil will promote the risks of suffering from some serious diseases, especially the ones related to the heart diseases. The solution to deal with this problem is extremely simple based on the great support of the air fryer, particularly best air fryer: Philips air fryer.

The Special Tricks To Operate The Machine Effectively

Due to the fact that the device structure is related to the electrical equipment as well as the heating parts so it is warned that the users are not allowed putting the device on the water. In addition, it is essential for all the consumers to avoid closing the vacuuming door as well as the door where the air can discharge. Do not touch inside the machine when it is broken. In order to reduce the risk of explosion, it is crucial for the consumers in order to put all the flammable material away from the frying baskets. At the high temperature, the heat or the hot stream will escape from the outlet. Try to keep the safe distance with the device during the time of operating. Never touch your hand or face close to the air door as it is extremely hot and easily causes the burn for the users.

The Safety Warning

Do not use the electricity power which is higher the regulated level in order to avoid the electric shock as well as the fire accident.

Never damage, pull or twist the wire. It is said that the wire is only corrected as well as replaced by the manufacturer, the guaranteeing board as well as the professional staff.

Keep the power plug clean in order to prevent the electricity shock.

The Special Feature Of The Philip Air Fryer

Although on the market now, there are a plethora of air fryer sold with the different price level as well as the variety in the design and functions, the Philips air fryer is still the most favorable choice of many individuals. Why it is much favored by so many buyers like that. To find the answer for these questions, please take your eyes on the following noticeable characteristics of the machine, particularly the Rapid Air technology.

The Rapid Air Technology

By using this special technology, it is said that the machine can be able to make full use of the air conviction inside and outside based on the twice higher baking as well as frying speed compared to the frying pan on the market.

The Air Filtering System

In addition to the rapid air technology, the device is also extremely impressive with men buyers because of the fact that it is structured with the air filtering system which plays the great role in terms of reducing the air escaped during the time of frying the food. Surprisingly, the quick filtering technology can offer the very impressive result. When frying the food with the conventional method, the odor of the food (the smell of fish, fried meat) will be stickled on your cloth or on the floor. However, with the Magic A70 New, there is no need for all the consumers to worry about this matter. Your kitchen space will be clean as well as open all the time.

The Food Storage Drawer

The drawer for storing the food is structured with three non- stick layers which contribute to bring the convenience for the cook when processing the food.

Safety Level

Compared to the conventional frying pan, it is reviewed that the air fryer does not require much oil when frying the food so it can be able to reduce about 80% the excessive oil amount in the food. This is really an impressive feature which can reduce the risk of suffering the obesity as well as the high blood pressure.

In summary, with the compact design along with the multi-function, the Philips air fryer is considered as one of the smartest device in a modern life. With the capacity for reducing the cooking at maximum, the device is worth buying for daily using in all the family at these days.

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