Review The Best Selling Bread Machines On The Market

For keeping the great passion with the cooking task, as well as ensuring the health safety, a lot of housewives now have decided to purchase a bread machine for food processing. In spite of the fact that the bread machine models are now particularly popular on the market, selecting the qualified one is not an easy task at all. In this article, we would mention all the Cuisinart bread maker review along with the special models to help you choose the best device.

What Is Most Important Factor For A Qualified Bread Machine?

Most bread machines have a timer function. However, only some machines have super speed cooking functions. Timer function is really useful, you just let the ingredients into the machine from the night before, set the baking time for the next morning, and when you wake up, you ve got a hot bread machine. Super speed cooking functions is also a very useful function. Let think about whether you forgot to give the ingredients in the machine the night before, you can use the super speed cooking functions that you have bread in 30- 45 minutes already. However, baking the bread at high speed is not as good as the quality of bread usually baked.

Top Of The Most Remarkable Bread Machine On The Market

Donlim XBM1008


This is the cheapest models on the market today. This model was previously priced at more than 50$, even more places sold it with the price from 60 $ to 65$. However, now, on the market, there are several online sales sites which sell the product for less than 40$. However, this is small sized models, when it only allows processing the bread whose weigh is about from 400 to 500g.


The capacity of the machine‘s parameters is 600W, which is equivalent to some other models. However, you need to note that capacity does not reflect the performance of the machine. It is reviewed that the machine can run quite weak and noisy (I have not verified it, but can guess based on relatively small size of the machine).

The Baking Modes

Machine has only 5 baking modes including the basic bread (Basic), wholegrain bread (Whole wheat), making quick breads (Quick), Mixers (Dough), barbecue (Bake). It had no timing mode but may incubate for 60 minutes of warm bread and then to automatically run the program if a sudden power outage. If you just want to take advantage of the machine to mix flour and make bread occasionally, they may consider buying this machine for an attractive price of it. With 600,000 contracts that have such a machine tell you well worth the investment. If the device s price is higher than the recommended levels above, you should buy more machines. Donlim brand is also famous with some other bead machine models such as Donlim XBM1128, XBM1228, XBM1301, and XBM1309. However, on the market, currently, these brands are not sold any more.

Tiross Tiross Bread Machine

Brand Introduction

TS822 - TS821 Tiross Tiross are the two prestigious toasting models which are worth buying for the time being at least. Produced by Tiross, a well-known brand in the field of kitchen tools in Europe, both models Tiross TS822 & TS821 Tiross own the very good quality. The outer shell of the model is made of advanced plastic, which is really reliable and non-toxic, as well as easy to clean. Tray inside the machine is made of high-grade synthetic metal, not adhesive to help not burnt bread.

Bread Makers Tiross baking 12 different functions: classic bread, French bread, cakes, fast cakes, flour, jam, sandwich Machine allows timer 13 hours, you can choose the size of the bread, crust color desired.

The Noticeable Difference Between Product Lines Of Brand


The only difference between the two models Tiross TS822 & TS821 Tiross is in the capacity and volume. The volume of bread: TS821 has a capacity of 600W compared to 700W of TS822. Besides, TS821 can make cakes for the volume to 0.9 kg, while the TS822 can give bigger cake whose weigh is up to 1.3 kg. Therefore, you should choose the TS822 bread machine if your demand is great. One difference that a little-known feature is that the TS822 offer the cakes which are softer than that of TS821.

Baking Mode

Both models feature two modes of different baking: bread soft shell, hard shell bread, cake, Pizza Empire, jams, etc. A total of 12 different baking modes are enough for the needs of a family. The machine is also installed with the timing mode which allows up to 13 hours timer.

Kangaroo KG395, KG396 Bread Machine

The functionality and performance of the machine is similar to 820 and 821 Tiross but it is cheaper. Some sites are selling KG395 between 60$ to 70$, and about 100 $ with KG396 model.


Choose a bread machine with the suitable size with your family, and the device should have as many functions as possible. A good toaster should give you and your family a delicious meal.

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